Apr 10

The Framerunners – Newsletter for April, 2015

What’s new on the website?

I have been adding additional short tales to the Vignettes section of the website (also reachable by clicking on the Stories menu. . Currently there are four vignettes posted. Some of these may end up being teasers for upcoming story lines, but there are no guarantees! That said, if you really, really like a particular vignette, let me know and perhaps we’ll explore some aspect of that scene going forward.

I continue to lag behind in keeping the illustrations for each episode posted in the online gallery (located at http://jefmurray.com/framerunners/the-gallery/ ). But, I am including a link on each episode image posted that will allow you to order prints, if you are interested in doing so. If you don’t know the name of a sketch or painting print that you’d like to have a copy of, you can reference the episode in the description. I will once again promise to try to update the gallery more regularly going forward!

Where are we now?

Episode 10.1 still has the Framerunners spread out between three different worlds. Polydora remains on Orbaratus, Luke Lester, Brother Azarias, and Father Hildebrandt are in Italy. Meanwhile, Jill and Sam, with help from the Professor, are attempting to catch the raven, whom they have discovered has a second sapphire in its possession. We found out in Episode 9.2 a great deal about ancient Orbaratan history, and some of it has some frightening ramifications going forward.

If the above is confusing, you can read all nineteen posted episodes from the beginning by clicking here: http://jefmurray.com/framerunners/in-the-company-of-angels/ and then clicking on Episode 1.1. At the end of each episode, you’ll find a link that will take you to the next installment in the tale.

Where are we headed?

In Episode 10.1, Jill and Sam are still with the Professor in England, trying to capture the raven and retrieve the second sapphire that it appears to have in its possession. They manage to trap the raven in the attic, but it appears to have disappeared into one of a half dozen paintings that were stored there.


How else can I get involved?

We have set up two discussion pages on Facebook and on Google+, both of which are entitled “Framerunners’ Forum”. Please feel free to post questions or observations there, or as comments on the individual episodes on the website going forward!

Our email list continues to grow, and a number of folk have now been posting comments and questions after the episodes themselves. Please feel free to do so! I’m happy to answer questions as long as I don’t reveal any spoilers (about this I’ve been warned quite sternly by a couple of readers ;-). Several folks seemed a bit unnerved by episode 9.2, suggesting that many of the events leading to the apocalyptic fall of Orbaratus reminded them of events occurring in our own day. I want to assure everyone that “In the Company of Angels” is not an allegorical tale, but I’m happy if fruitful comparisons can be drawn.

I’m continuing to try to learn about homeschool groups and YA literature groups to try to introduce The Framerunners (www.TheFramerunners.com) to new readers. If you know of young readers in your families or community whom you believe would enjoy these stories, please have them join our email list and/or like our FB page, or feel free to let me know about them! List information will never be shared with anyone else for any reason, period.

In any event, if you are continuing to like what you’re reading, please spread the word! The more folks involved, the more fun it is for all of us!


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