Jan 28

The Navigator Quiz


We all have talents, and within the Fratrum Simulatcrorum, three talents in particular are very helpful to have. Below, you’ll find questions related to the talents of Navigators. Please answer each of the questions.


Do you like mazes and solving maze puzzles?

If someone led you into the woods and left you there, could you find your way back out again?

Do you ever get carsick or seasick on a trip?

Are you the sort of person that gets lost pretty easily?

If you have a map and are asked to get from your home to some new town, could you figure out which streets to take?

When traveling, do others usually ask you to navigate?

Wherever you happen to be right now, can you easily point to North?

Do you like rollercoasters?

Do you love to travel?

If someone is lost, can you usually help them figure out where they need to go?

Now that you've answered all of the questions, click on the Submit button to see your results. If you scored more than five out of 10, you may be a Navigator!



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  1. Ben Anderson

    Neat idea.

  2. Clyde Franklin

    Pretty much true to form, as I seem to be right on the edge herein. That question about liking to travel stumped me a bit, as it is important for me to have a relevant goal in order to enjoy traveling.

  3. Elanor

    Didn’t think I was that, either…..

  4. Elanor

    I did not come out as a Navigator, which was no surprise to me.

  5. Anam Cara

    Yep, that’s me, all right!

  6. Jessie S

    Gee whiz, I don’t seem to be any of them! =) 4/10 on Empath and Renderer, and 3/10 on Navigator. I wonder what that does make me….. There’s got to be a final skill that is undiscovered as of yet… 😉 hint-hint-hint….

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