Jan 28

The Renderer Quiz


We all have talents, and within the Fratrum Simulatcrorum, three talents in particular are very helpful to have. Below, you’ll find questions related to the talents of Renderers. Please answer each of the questions.



Have you ever drawn your own imaginary world?

Do you like to draw?

Do you have a favorite way to make a picture (pencil, pen, watercolor, fingerpaints, charcoal, chalk, on the computer, etc.)?

Do you like drawing animals?

If someone wanted to come to your house, would you rather draw them a map or describe to them how to get there?

Are you able to draw places (mountains, trees, buildings, oceans) well?

Have you ever drawn a picture of a place or person in a book you’ve read?

Do you like to draw people?

Have you ever drawn pictures of your pets or family members?

If a person draws a picture that doesn’t look quite right to you, can you usually tell what’s wrong with it?

Now that you've answered all of the questions, click on the Submit button to see your results. If you scored more than five out of 10, you may be a Renderer!




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  1. Clyde Franklin

    According to the guidelines presented, I fully agree–I am no renderer. I am however, considerably oriented toward doing landscape photography.

  2. Elanor

    Didn’t think so…..

  3. Linda DeMars

    I also plan out pictures, but these days I have artist’s block. or perfectionist block.

  4. Anam Cara

    The only thing I like to draw is maps – but I really do love that! It must be a blending of my Navigator with a tiny bit of Renderer.

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