Feb 04

The Framerunners – Newsletter for February, 2015

What’s new on the website?

There are now two new sections on the website! They are The Quizzes, and Newsletters. In the former, you can take a quick quiz to determine whether you have potential talent as a Renderer, a Navigator, or an Empath. On the latter, you will be able to get to past and future Newletters as they’re posted.

I have continued to be remiss in keeping the illustrations for each episode posted in the online gallery (located at http://jefmurray.com/framerunners/the-gallery/ ). But, I am including a link on each episode image posted that will allow you to order prints, if you are interested in doing so. If you don’t know the name of a sketch or painting print that you’d like to have, you can reference the episode in the description. I will once again promise to try to update the gallery more regularly going forward!

The Glossary and a Character list in the Library online (http://jefmurray.com/framerunners/the-library/) have both been updated to reflect terminology and names through Episode 5.1 – “Orbaratus”. These will both be updated as the tales progress.

Where are we now?

Episode 5.1 brings our Framerunners to the planet Orbaratus, Polydora’s home world. There, it appears someone, or something, has been on the planet since Polly was last there: a disturbing fact, since Orbaratus was supposed to be a dead world, devoid of all life. But now, some person or creature has been seen and sensed stirring atop an adjacent mountain, and just as Jill, Sam, Luke, and Polly arrive.

If the above is confusing, you can read all five posted episodes from the beginning by clicking here: http://jefmurray.com/framerunners/in-the-company-of-angels/

Where are we headed?

In Episode 5.2, the team will investigate further to discover what, if anything, might have attracted someone to the plaza: the place where Polly sensed the movement. Jill will learn much about what Orbaratus was like before it became a dead planet, and we will find out more about the prophecies that Polly alluded to in Episode 5.1.

How else can I get involved?

Right now, I’m trying to include as many fun things on the website as possible. I would love to set up a discussion page for readers of The Framerunners, if folks are interested. This would be a place to post questions, suggestions, to ask for clarification, etc. I will look into doing that both on FB and Google+

These tales are intended to be fun, first and foremost, and I am particularly interested in hearing what you think of them! So, please feel free to email me or post comments on the episodes online!

I’m also very interested in having younger readers (in addition to young-at-heart adults!) introduced to the stories. The tales will, like works by some of my favorite authors (C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Madeleine L’Engle), have a strong moral compass and deep Christian underpinnings, but they are not morality tales; they are fantasy/sy-fy adventure stories!

To that end, I would like to reach out to homeschool groups and YA literature groups to try to introduce The Framerunners (www.TheFramerunners.com) to new readers. If you know of young readers in your families or community whom you believe would enjoy these stories, please have them join our email list and/or like our FB page! List information will never be shared with anyone else for any reason, period. But…the more readers we have, the more certain it is that we will be able to continue the stories going forward. It’s really up to you, my reader, and for whom I am very grateful, to help me bring these tales to others. If you like what you’re reading, please spread the word!

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