Nov 24


Character List


Ahmed, Blacky, the blonde, Jack and Patel — Names of the five men who attempt to burn down the Gallery.

Aym — A formidable entity mentioned by Blacky (one of the men who attempt to burn down the Gallery). Presumably Aym is a powerful person or spirit within the Amenta order.

Azarias – Protagonist and main narrator. Age unknown, but certainly an older man and wizard figure, with long grey hair and beard.

Mrs. Craig – The art teacher at Jill and Sam’s school.

Chris and Cathy Jonsson – Jill’s aunt and uncle. Chris is Will’s brother and Evie’s brother-in-law.

Evie Jonsson – Jill’s mother.

Fr. Hildebrandt – Abbott Primate of the Benedictine Order and affiliated with the Framerunners in an advisory capacity. Age unknown, but certainly a mature older man. Clean shaven with dark hair that is turning silver at temples.

Hazel – Jill’s cat, a large male tabby.

Jill Jonsson – Protagonist, app. 12-13 years old. Same class in school as Sam. Blonde hair usually pulled back into a pony tail.

Luke Lester – Protagonist, app. early 20s. Short cropped beard and dark hair. Pupil of Azarias and full member of the Order. A painter and artist with a gift for quickly and skillfully rendering images that allow Framerunning to new or existing Realms. Because he is a consummate artist, he comes across at times as being a bit scattered and absent-minded; he is often living “in his own head” or in his paintings, so sometimes needs reminding about immediate issues/threats/concerns.

Mrs. Mills – The Professor’s housekeeper.

Munnin – The name ultimately given the raven captured in Oxford, England when he is given to Fr. Hildebrandt for safekeeping.

Osor – The first and greatest of the Masters (the Imperaferrum, as the Ferrubene came to call themselves). He was the first to thrust open the gateway in Cenurbus and attempt to leave the prison that had held him and the other Masters since their apocalyptic fall on Orbaratus.

The Piper – A boy with curly black hair appearing to be approximately the same age as Sam. Always seen with a pennywhistle, which he uses to summon and lead shadowy fairy-like creatures (his “familiars”).

Polydora – The Keeper of the Gallery. Originally from the planet Orbaratus.

The Professor – Met by Jill and Sam when chasing the raven through the portal found on Orbaratus. The Professor resides in Oxford, England, and Jill and Sam meet him in the year 1946.

Rusty and Kate Jonsson – Jill’s first cousins. Kate is approximately the same age as Jill; Rusty is younger…perhaps about 8 or 9. Kate is sweet on Sam.

Sam Deckard – Protagonist, app. 12-13 years old. Same class in school as Jill. Dark brown hair, somewhat curly.

William Jonsson – Jill’s father (called “Will), whom we find out went missing about a year before the series begins.


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