Jan 28

The Empath Quiz


We all have talents, and within the Fratrum Simulatcrorum, three talents in particular are very helpful to have. Below, you’ll find questions related to the talents of Empaths. Please answer each of the questions.

Do you communicate well with animals?

Do you often get very emotional listening to music or watching movies?

Do you often know what your best friend is thinking, even when they haven’t said anything?

Do animals and children like you?

Do noisy environments tend to bother you a lot?

Do you enjoy doing nice things for others?

Does frightening news involving a person or family often upset you badly, making it difficult to think of anything else?

Do you sometimes pick up on the feelings of those around you, even when you’re not trying?

If someone you know is upset, can you usually help them to feel better?

Do you often play peacemaker among friends and family members?

Now that you've answered all of the questions, click on the Submit button to see your results. If you scored more than five out of 10, you may be an Empath!



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  1. Clyde Franklin

    This result does not surprise me, although I need to carefully avoid a manifestation of tunnel vision which sometimes can cause me to miss important cues.

  2. Elanor


  3. Julie

    This is a cool idea! I had fun with the quizzes.
    8/10 for Empath… confirmed my suspicions. :)

  4. Anam Cara

    Nothing I didn’t already know.

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